Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

Weather.com.cn - 中国天气网 2.5.25

2012-05-24 Addons
Description: Chinese Simplified only. This INI retrieves Weather from http://www.weather.com.cn 中国天气网是中国气象局旗下网站,国内各天气站点数据都源于此处。 由于站点采用"白天/晚间"预报形式,所以亦采用相同形式展现 - "白天数值/晚间数值"。可使用中文城市名、拼音、邮政编码搜索。 可以获取实时的气温,以及农历、节日等数据。 Download

glassWide-X 2.0

2012-04-07 Addons
Description: Less Wide - More Better - Still Glass ..(even tho the preview doesn’t show it :p ..) Main Menu and Status Menus hidden top and bottom left will not change fonts or font colors other than offline divider font Icons down the side… -Plugin - Quicksearch Mod -Plugin - Add Contact Plus -Button - Show/Hide Online/Offline contacts -Button - Groups On/Off -Button - Sounds On/Off -Button - Popups On/Off Continue reading

LCARS Skin for Modern Contact List 1.0

2012-03-15 Addons
Description: This is a Star Trek LCARS style skin for Modern Contact List. The skin stretches and all the buttons on the side work. This version will not change your contact list fonts, you will have to set those manually to your liking. There is no scroll bar, I just can’t find decent looking graphics and I use the scroll wheel anyway. Download

Optionality 0.1

2012-03-12 Addons
Description: -Colored Background uses whatever colors you have set for whatever popups you have enabled. -Invert Gradient flips the gradient direction. -Large Avatar uses ?? the avatar without scaling it down. -The Icon will overlay the avatar if they’re both set in the top right, bottom right or bottom left. … sizing things is a pain, so hopefully there aren’t any text overlaps or major space wasters Download
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