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Weather.com.cn - 中国天气网 2.5.25

2012-05-24 Addons
Description: Chinese Simplified only. This INI retrieves Weather from http://www.weather.com.cn 中国天气网是中国气象局旗下网站,国内各天气站点数据都源于此处。 由于站点采用"白天/晚间"预报形式,所以亦采用相同形式展现 - "白天数值/晚间数值"。可使用中文城市名、拼音、邮政编码搜索。 可以获取实时的气温,以及农历、节日等数据。 Download

MSN Weather support 2011-05-25

2011-05-25 Addons
Description: Fetched weather from local.msn.com… Weather is fetched again from English site! (For better integration into Miranda and for all who prefers other languages, translation should work this out) For traffic saving and make the script easier and maybe safer, it fetches only the ajax request ;) I think Microsoft loves that shit Javascript IMPORTANT NOTE: All who upgrade from 2010-11-05 and earlier have to re-add some stations! Station IDs with Letter in front, for example USNY0996 (New York), doesn’t work anymore and they will get weather for New York (default of MSN) Continue reading

中国天气网 Support for Weather 1.0.8

2010-11-29 Addons
Description: Chinese Simplified only. 中国天气网是中国气象局旗下网站, 国内各天气站点数据都源于此处. 说明:由于站点采用"白天/晚间"预报形式,所以部分数据亦采用相同形式展现 - "白天数值/晚间数值".(已实现部分数据实时提取) 优点: 可使用中文城市名, 拼音, 邮政编码搜索. 缺点: 不知何时, 所用方式会被限制. 到时不会再维护. 使用方法: 拷贝至 Miranda IM|Plugins|weather 目录下, 添加天气联系人. 如果您发现问题, 请于 Blog 留言: http://lancaster.themex.net/archives/106 Download
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