Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

glassWide-X2-R 2.1

2012-07-21 Addons


Description: Still Glass - More better

-will not change fonts or font colors
-centers group names and sets group indent to 3px

+3 Dots…
-Top Center - toggle ‘My Details’ frame
-Side Top Corner - Main Menu
-Side Bottom Corner - Minimize
-Bottom Corner - Status Menu

+Icons down the side…
-Plugin - Quicksearch Mod
-Button - Find/Add Contacts*
-Button - Show/Hide Online/Offline contacts
-Button - Groups On/Off
-Button - Sounds On/Off
-Button - Popups On/Off
-Plugin - MetaContacts On/Off
-Plugin - Open Miranda Folder
-Plugin - Updater
-Plugin - VersionInfo**
-Plugin - Database Editor
-Button - Show File Transfers Window
-Button - Open Options

+Colored status Overlays…
-Online/Free For Chat - Green
-Occupied/DND - Red
-Away - Orange
-On The Phone - Purple
-Out To Lunch - Blue
-NA - Teal

*Built in Find/Add (includes ACP commented out)
**CrashDumper Version (includes standalone version commented out)
***see readme

Left Side Version

(lousy quality previews cause of file size limits)