Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

glassWide-X 2.0

2012-04-07 addons


Description: Less Wide - More Better - Still Glass ..(even tho the preview doesn’t show it :p ..)
Main Menu and Status Menus hidden top and bottom left

will not change fonts or font colors other than offline divider font

Icons down the side…
-Plugin - Quicksearch Mod
-Plugin - Add Contact Plus
-Button - Show/Hide Online/Offline contacts
-Button - Groups On/Off
-Button - Sounds On/Off
-Button - Popups On/Off
-Plugin - WATrack

-Plugin - Open Miranda Folder
-Plugin - Updater
-Plugin - VersionInfo*
-Plugin - Database Editor
-Button - Show File Transfers Window
-Button - Open Options

*see changelog and readme