Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

Satin Mod 1.3.2

2008-08-20 addons
Description: Ported version of Riddle’s template for Konnekt (Polish messenger), inspired by original Satin template from Adium X. This version has a bit different look than original one and also has some nice features: Layout based on definition lists makes conversation window loads much faster, Working word wrapping - too long text is breaking into the new line, Support for message grouping, Styling for events: change status, incoming files and URLs, Continue reading


2008-06-11 addons
Description: A mix of Black/Dark Grey colors, Vista style and msn live messenger. *) At the moment: just message-grouped style working properly. You may want to disable seconds yet. I’m quite stressed at the moment! *) To translate it in your language open in wordpad and use the search&replace feature to replace "says:" with the appropriate word in your language! Enjoy! Download

Mirage for IEView 1.0

2008-05-15 addons
Description: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Mirage beta for IEView by SHADOW-XIII -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Only for IEView plugin. This is my first style for IEView, I used longhorn style as a template for it. It’s just first release of this style. This was created to match Mirage Opera skin: http://untu.ms/mirage/ http://my.opera.com/community/customize/skins/info/?id=6229 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Instalation: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Unpack somewhere (the best Miranda\Styles folder) select Mirage.ivt in IEView->MessageLog options -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Lincece: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I’ve created only IEView style, Mirage graphics Continue reading

Black Fusion 1.0 IEview 1.0

2008-05-06 addons
Description: This IEview template is the first one which provides both "tZers" from ICQ AND showing picturelinks as picture in the messagesession. Features overview: group session support receive tzers from ICQ or Miranda (with ICQ Plus mod) user if someone send you a link with jpeg, bmp, png etc. this image is shown directly in the message window. by clicking it, it leads you to the original URL shows status change of user Continue reading

Opus IEView 1.0

2008-05-02 addons
Description: Opus skin for IEView comments goes here: http://ar2oor.deviantart.com/art/Opus-IEView-Miranda-84584707 others: http://torvaldur.deviantart.com/art/Opus-34345488 http://b0se.deviantart.com/art/Codename-Opus-3-0-9240396 Download

kryStyle 1.2a

2007-06-18 addons
Description: A template for IEView inspired by "Veneer" by Jim-Phelps. It uses the same colors and fonts as "Veneer", and I tried to keep the feeling of the original while reducing the space taken up by message headers (the lines with names and timestamps). Features: RTL support valid XHTML 1.0 strict Thanks and credits go to Jim-Phelps for doing everything right in "Veneer" and giving me permission to release this template :) Download
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