Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

Satin Mod 1.3.2

2008-08-20 Addons


Description: Ported version of Riddle’s template for Konnekt (Polish messenger), inspired by original Satin template from Adium X. This version has a bit different look than original one and also has some nice features:

  • Layout based on definition lists makes conversation window loads much faster,
  • Working word wrapping - too long text is breaking into the new line,
  • Support for message grouping,
  • Styling for events: change status, incoming files and URLs,
  • Special relative date format - "Today" string is hidden (but other timestamps are displayed normally) and your window is clear,
  • Support for highligthing the old messages.

    More information on http://my.opera.com/Wasacz/blog/satinmod