Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

PCol mod

2009-06-15 addons
Description: This is just a little modification of IEView template PCol. Now timestamps are visible for every message and status update - see screen. Original template: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=2043 Download

reel coders style

2009-06-13 addons
Description: dark-coloured monospace hek 0day template in several different variations .) see screenshot, it’s nothing to read here) i took code.ivt as a template and made it looking like my IDE syntax hilight colors. really 31337 ¦) Download

Fusion IEview 1.5

2009-02-28 addons
Description: IEview Templates. 3 different color themes (black, blue, chrome) more information: group session support receive tzers from ICQ or Miranda (with ICQ Plus mod) user picture link support, shows pictures directly in ieview, with zoom-function. webpage preview link support, shows webpage preview in message window video support such as Youtube, directly watch video in message window shows status change of user shows received file transfer as gimmick: shows system uptime in right upper corner Continue reading

jsCayw 1.0.3195

2008-09-30 addons
Description: When I made my last IEView style - jsBubbles, many people were not satisfied with the only color scheme it offered. So this time I made something completely different. This style allows 3 different avatar modes, supports message grouping and includes an application which allows you to [C]ustomize [A]nything [Y]ou [W]ant. That’s right, you can change the colors to match the colors of your miranda theme, or kits of your favorite football club. Continue reading

Miranda Coding 0.2

2008-09-25 addons
Description: Looks like SciTe editor. IMG size in standard scheme (coding.ivt) is forced to be 16px height to meet lines numbering height. If you wish to use normal smileys - use coding_normal_size_smileys.ivt without "lines numbering". Download

jsBubbles 1.0

2008-08-22 addons
Description: An IEView template for Miranda IM. It doesn’t only change the look of the chat. It also adds new functionality like playing YouTube videos directly in the message window. Or viewing images the same way. download: http://sova69.deviantart.com/art/jsBubbles-95689236 Download
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