Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

Themer (111) [for MIM 0.8 only] 1.2

2010-04-30 Addons
Description: With this patch you can apply all design setings (themes) at one move. Actually, an extrator.exe extracts nothing but design settings from a selected ini file, and put them as an autoexec_*.ini file. For more details see readme. Contains plugins, applications and ideas by these peole: Igor Abakumov, Awkward, Eblis, P. Boon, Ricardo Pescuma, George Hazan, Unsane, Mataes, Kiwi0Fruit. Plugins: ¤ Actman.dll v. - Action manager ¤ Folders.dll v. Continue reading

Neonic Collection 5.1

2010-04-19 Addons
Description: ICQ2, IRC2, Jabber3, GMail, Google, Yandex, MRA MSN, Yahoo, RSS, Twitter2, Facebook, vKontakte, mRadio*3, Miranda-Status, Overley. X-Status (ICQ/MRA/vKontakte), Q-Status, AuthState, Rate, Gender, Message-icon, Visibility. Connection (global & small) Connection for protocols (except mradio & rss) Download

Square Avatars 1.1

2010-03-08 Addons
Description: This is a set of Default Avatars for: AIM, Facebook, GaduGadu, ICQ, IRC, LAN, MSN, MySpace, RSS, Skype, Tlen, Twitter, XFire, XMPP (Jabber) and Yahoo Download

Facebook icons 1.0.2

2010-02-12 Addons
Description: Use A0x Set5 Overlay Icons. Facebook Icons Facebook 1 Icons Facebook 2 Icons: Tango Facebook Icon by ~DarKobra Facebook 3 Icons: Set of social icons by ~Tydlinka Facebook 4 Icons: Set of social icons no.2 by ~Tydlinka Facebook 5 Icons: Set of social icons no.4 by ~Tydlinka Facebook 6 Icons: by Fast Icon - http://www.fasticon.com Facebook 7 Icons: by Janko Jovanovic Facebook 8 Icons More Screenshot: http://lancaster.themex.net/archives/1763 Download

Android Icons 1.0

2010-02-10 Addons
Description: Use A0x Set5 Overlay Icons. proto_Android.dll proto_Android 1.dll proto_Android 2.dll More Screenshot: http://lancaster.themex.net/archives/1810 Download

春节图标 (Spring Festival Icons) 1.0

2010-02-10 Addons
Description: 此套图标为所有华人而做, 祝同胞春节快乐. proto_Spring Festival 16X16.dll: 16X16 图标 proto_Spring Festival All.dll: 全尺寸图标 (128X128, 64X64, 48X48, 32X32, 16X16), 支持大图标显示. 新年 Icon 设计 By TaeWang More ScreenShot: http://lancaster.themex.net/archives/1817 Download
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