Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

Miranda Translator.NET 1.1.0

2008-06-15 Addons


Description: Miranda Translator.NET is a helper application for translators to maintain their translations in an easy and efficient way.

Functions of Miranda Translator includes:

Capturing translateable words from source codes (For both Miranda and plugins, support C/C++, RC and Pascal/Delphi sources)

Capturing translateable words from langpack txt provided by plugins (Rename the extension of file to txr)

Import of translated words from old langpacks and langpack-formatted text files

Updater FLID support

Generation of ready-to-use langpacks

Prepend and/or Append your own text file(s) to langpack file

Support generation of langpack index (TOC) (Old non-.NET version only)

Support generation of plugin list in readme file (Old non-.NET version only)

More functions can be added per request

Miranda Translator.NET is the rewritten version of Miranda Translator, which has the following improvement over the old product:
# Web server independent. It is a standalone .net Framework 2.0 application.
# No database server required. All configurations and data are stored in xml files.
# Multiple source support. You can now place sources in different locations. Especially useful for plugin developers.
# Speed retranslate. When you update the source codes, only updated files will be processed. This speeds up the capture process by at most 99%.
# Full Unicode supprt. You can now manage langpacks and phrases that is not your native langauge! This program will save the langpack with correct encoding for you.
# Common and Private Whitelist, Blacklist and Superlist. By separating the lists, capture speed can be faster and capture mistakes can be reduced.

Miranda Translator.NET is now in beta stage, the following function is not yet implemented:
# TOC for prepend file (Not planned)
# Plugin list (Not planned)
# Phrase/Ignore list manager (For now, you can edit the according xml directly)

Source of this tool can be found in sf SVN:
http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=142640 (Under trunk/MIMTranslator.NET)