Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

Adium Emoticon Converter 1.0.1

2007-05-13 Addons
Description: This Python script takes a .plist file from an Adium emoticon pack and converts it to an .asl file that can be used in Miranda with the SmileyAdd plugin installed. This means most Adium emoticon Xtras should work with minimal work. See the top of the script file for more details. This script download includes two thirdparty dependencies: PListReader and W3CDate, released under the Python License, written by Andrew Shearer (http://ashearer. Continue reading

Adium Emoticon Installer 1.0.1

2007-05-13 Addons
Description: This takes the concept of the Adium Emoticon Converter script (http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3554) a step further and will read a zip file that contains an Adium "emoticon set" and install this into a "Smileys" subfolder in the Miranda program folder (i.e. "(Miranda Program Folder)Smileys"). Running the script (or the exe): Asks you for a zip file that contains an Adium emoticon set. Asks you for the location of the Miranda program folder. Continue reading

Autocorrect German Wordlist 1

2006-10-09 Addons
Description: A list of german often missspelled words for the Auto Correct plugin. Use the newest version of it! [ http://www.volumna.com.br/pessoal/angelo/ ] Have fun =) ~by cybery Download

Shortcuts 0.1

2006-09-23 Addons
Description: This is a list of shortcuts for the Autoreplacer. The shortcuts will be announced. The words are principal in english but some words are in german. There will more words availible soon. Examples: sry -> sorry np -> no problem Special thanks to: My friends Derk & Florian All people who added shortcuts in the wikipedia Download

Miranda IM Password Decoder

2006-06-02 Addons
Description: This is a command-line utility with wildcard support, which searches all your Miranda IM databases (by default), grabs the passwords and decodes them for you. It’s way faster than trying to bruteforce a password, since we used the original Miranda IM algo. Comments, suggestions, … always welcome. Enjoy! Download

IconBuilder 1.0.1

2006-05-07 Addons
Description: This program allows you to create Icon Packs for Miranda IM easily, without having to manually create bulky .rc, install compilers and such. Create Protocol Packs and Miranda Interface packs. With Icon Builer you can create, manage and compile icon DLLs really fast! Download

Miranda Translator 1.20

2006-01-29 Addons
Description: Miranda Translator is a helper application for translators to maintain their translations in an easy and efficient way. Functions of Miranda Translator includes: NEW IN 1.01: Merge a large group of langpack TXT files into single non-repeating langpack file Capturing translateable words from source codes (For both Miranda and plugins, now supports C/C++ and Delphi source codes) Import of translated words from old langpacks and langpack-formatted text files Continue reading
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