Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

CleanTips for Tipper YM 2.1.9

2010-12-07 Addons
Description: CleanTips 2.X Requirements: Variables plugins. http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3815 Support: ExchangeRates Plugins, Facebook Protocol, Favourite Contacts Plugins, IcqOscarJ Protocol, IRC Protocol, Jabber Protocol, Last Seen Mod Plugin ListeningTo Plugin MetaContacts Plugins, MIMFetion Protocol, MirandaQQ Protocol, MSN Protocol, My mRadio Mod Plugins, MySpace Protocol, New Away System Plugin, Ping Protocol, Popup Plus Plugins, Quotes Plugins, Rss Protocol, Skype Plugins, TabSrmm Plugins, TV Plugins, Twitter Protocol, UserinfoEX Plugins, Weather Protocol, Winamp Track Plugins, Continue reading

X1 for Tipper 1.0

2010-10-31 Addons
Description: inspired by : X1 for Popup+ 1.0 by name1ess0ne : http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3880 Pure Adium for Miranda IM by yukihatsu : http://yukihatsu.deviantart.com/art/Pure-Adium-for-Miranda-IM-86047623 c&c are welcome on my DA : http://kdrt.deviantart.com/art/X1-for-tipper-1-0-184525305 by-nc-sa Download

Chrome Darkblue for Tipper 1.0.0

2009-08-05 Addons
Description: Google chrome darkblue skin for tipper Remember to get the whole suite simply by searching for "chrome" in the miranda addons section. You can also get miranda already configured with chrome skins at the Miranda Install&Go site at http://miranda.net63.net Download
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