Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

BlackShadow 1

2010-11-10 Addons


Description: BlackShadow for IEView (Miranda IM)

This skin is a mod of Mirage by Shadow-13. (http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3745) who’s been in turn using Reinis Ivanovs images from the Opera Mirage skin, which is released under CC-BY-SA license..

-There are 3 variations in the skin. Full top-bar, slim top-bar only with the font changer, and no topbar.
-You can add your own background, just uncomment this line in the CSS : /background:url(images/background.png) center repeat fixed;/ by removing the /* and the */ signs.
-IEView changes only the inner part of the message window. The window frame, input area and the tabs are skinned with the TABSRMM plugin. This is also where I have set the transparency for the whole window, and that’s where you hide statusbar, toolbar, titlebar, etc. I’ve been using a slightly modded version of the TABSRMM skin called BlackBox.
-The version that can be found on ethsza.deviantart.com contains an optional background image (that can be seen on the colorful version in the screenshot) but it would exceed the filesize limit here - and not much needed anyway. :)