Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

SunGlass for Dialog (111) 1.9

2011-11-24 Addons


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Skins for TabSRMM, IEVIew & History++ inspired by Ubuntu PopUps. Also contains IEView templates without scrollbars and compatible with MRA Mult [http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=4222].

Based on LikePs v2 for tabSRMM by name1ess0ne [http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3937] and Veneer 1.0 by Jim Phelps [http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=2555].

Contains icons from Neonic Collection by Rederick Asher [http://ra.cm-soft.ru].