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MSN Smileys 5.0

2010-09-17 addons


Description: Base Yewanth.Gan’s MSN Smileys 3.0

107 Smileys, Support MSN 4.5 - WLM 2010’s all Smileys.

MSN(CHS).asl - Simplified Chinese Version
MSN(EN).asl - English Version

Special Emoticons:
Nudge: Support the official client. MIM needs Nudge plugins to receive & display.

Text Replacement Emoticons:
/lancaster - About.

因版权原因 (网站要求), 表情图片无法随包提供, 需要者请至个人网盘下载.

For copyright reasons the emoticons themself cannot be included. But, You can download from … :)

ASL + Smilies Download::
nor can a link be provided to an archive containing them together.

My Blog: http://lancaster.themex.net

My Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/mimcleanui