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CleanUI TipSkins for Tipper YM 1.0

2010-02-20 Addons
Description: CleanTips for Tipper YM Additional Skins: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3796 History: 2010.02.26 1.0.1 2010.02.20 1.0 Note: Last Version, CleanUI TipSkins 1.0.X > 10M, can’t upload to addons. you can download from my SkyDrive. CleanUI Aero CleanUI Glass CleanUI Blue CleanUI 中国风 - 竹之灵气 (China Style 1) CleanUI 中国风 - 鱼之灵气 (China Style 2) CleanUI 中国风 - 梅之花 (China Style 3) CleanUI 中国风 - 鱼荷一家 (China Style 4) CleanUI 中国风 - 鱼之灵气 2 (China Style 5) Continue reading

Integrity for Popup+ 0.2

2009-10-07 Addons
Description: Integrates nicely with Windows Vista/7. Ability to turn on/off avatar display, use of custom colors, and displaying avatar over clock (hides the clock). Also check out Integrity skin for Modern Contact List and Tipper YM. Download

Chrome Darkblue for popup plus 1.0.0

2009-08-05 Addons
Description: Google chrome darkblue skin for popup plus Remember to get the whole suite simply by searching for "chrome" in the miranda addons section. You can also get miranda already configured with chrome skins at the Miranda Install&Go site at http://miranda.net63.net Download
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