Miranda NG

Next Generation of Miranda IM

glassWide 0.9.4a

2010-07-12 addons
Description: a glass skin optimized for wide screens. -THE SKIN CHANGES FONT SETTINGS. BACKUP YOUR DATABASE BEFORE USE. -status and main menu buttons on the left side are visible only if hovered -right side extra buttons are colored if hovered -profile name at top edge -view mode button at buttom(no function yet) -File transfers button only wors up Miranda 0.8 -group open close icons included -avatar overlay to dim avatars(for avatars at right) Continue reading

Aero Bliss Mod 4 1.7a

2010-06-17 addons
Description: Modern Contact List skin in smooth Aero-style. Features: Toolbar in title for main menu status menu options dialog show/hide offline contacts toggle sound on/off toggle popups on/off (also supports YAPP) find/add contacts Database Editor ++ minimize Miranda exit Miranda (optional) Thanks to Liran, Error and Angeli-Ka for their permissions to reuse some of their materials and to all people who contacted me for constructive criticism. Continue reading

Black Mesa MoP 1.02

2010-03-11 addons
Description: Modification of Black Mesa Skin (http://valkyre.deviantart.com/art/Black-Mesa-v3-43769540) main Changes in Buttons used. Huge ones were replaced and put into the ones at the top. Also added "hidden" buttons to disable Popups and/or NewStatusNotify. Just check it out and tell me what you think. You can also request additional/changed Buttons. Changes plannen: -include font definition -sound on/off button (-special markers for idle supported with http://home.arcor.de/legoking/mp/clist_modern.zip) Download

The Simpsons Skin for Modern Clist 1

2009-10-20 addons
Description: A Skin that makes the modern contact list look like the simpson’s television. On the screenshot the simpsons font is used wich you can download at http://www.dafont.com/simpsonfont.font I also recommend to change the font colors in your contact list (the skin doesn’t change the colors.) The Simpsons yellow: FEDA12 254,218,18 The Simpsons red: ED3133 237,49,51 Download

MF-Horse LR+DL v2.1

2009-10-16 addons
Description: =====ENG==== Skin for any position (left-right). In order to avatar in "my details" are not offset by a horse, you need: open Settings> Skins> My detail-mark- align right.:) =====RUS===== Скин для любого положения (слева-справа). Для того чтобы аватарка в "моих деталях не перекрывалась коняшкой, нужно: открыть Настройки>Скины>Мои детали -Ставим галочку- выровнять справа. :) Download
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